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Leaves and trees and beautiful color changes are not a common sight in Manhattan, and while I think Manhattan Christmas is more festive and beautiful than Christmas anywhere else, Fall on Long Island is like none other. So I'm glad I got to go home to witness a proper fall... I have yet to get tired of it! I was taking a walk and decided to whip the camera out when I saw this amazing red bush. These are my travel clothes: 1. Brown boots that will last the weekend because they go with practically every outfit. Everyone should own a pair of tall brown leather boots. 2. Black tights that I wear too much, but hey... I love them! 3. High waisted green shorts... I swear this color green goes with everything. 4. A Piccadily Circus t-shirt that I purchased when in London. 5. A big, fat, obnoxious scarf. 6. My black throw over that going with everything. And of course my daily arm candy and glasses. Hair was tied back quite unattractively because... I was lazy. But there you have it! Travel clothes and beautiful leaves.