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Diamonds And The Four Cs...An Introduction

Love's been in the air for a while. But something's coming. You can feel it. And everything seems to be leading up to that moment you've been waiting for: the proposal! And as magical as that moment will be, it will be even better if the ring is right. And I don't mean if it's pretty or not. I'm talking about what the Geological Institute of America (GIA) instituted as the Three Cs: Color, Clarity, and Carat. It wasn't until 2005 that the GIA began to include Cut as the fourth C. Note too, that the GIA only includes Cut on round diamonds. Here are the basic Four Cs in selecting a diamond of superior quality: Cut. Not to be confused with the shape of a diamond, the cut pertains the the workmanship and strict adherence to scientific ratios of symmetry, proportion, and polish. What you should be looking for is a diamond that is neither too shallow, nor too deep. Color. Forgetting about the extremely rare pastel diamonds that rest on the fingers of royalty and celebrities, diamonds are rated from colorless, which is the most valuable to yellow, which is the least valued. Note, canary diamonds are not considered yellow. The 14-point alpha-scale rates D as high and M as low. Clarity. Since most (if not all) diamonds inherently possess imperfections, the GIA introduced its 11-point clarity scale. Ranging from flawless (FL) to inclusion (I3). You want to avoid diamonds that are below VS1 and VS2, which means that diamonds below these have visible inclusions and therefore, can be seen without 10x magnification. Carat. Diamonds are sold by weight. Carat weight (ct), to be precise. So don't assume that it has anything to do with the actual size of the diamond because it doesn't. However, because most rough diamonds mined are not large enough to produce 1 ct diamonds, the rarity of producing larger cut diamonds, which weigh more, will increase the price significantly. Also, carat is not the same as karat, which the latter refers to the purity of gold. Bottom line, you should look for: Cut that is Excellent to Very Good for round diamonds and Excellent to Good for fancy shaped stones such as a heart, marquise, and emerald. Color that is rated G-J for 1ct diamonds. Higher than 1ct should be color-coded G-H. Lower than 1ct should be color-coded I-J. Clarity that is rated VS1 or VS2. More diamonds are purchased in this range than any other. Carat that is (slightly) smaller than popular weights because the cost savings is generous since whole or half carat stones command huge sums. Diamond experts advise that diamond selection should defer to Cut and not Color since even the best color will look inferior on a poorly cut diamond versus an excellent cut diamond. While this is merely an introduction to the Four Cs, always partner with a professional on appropriate diamond selection. If the rings are marketed in terms that are not in sync with the GIA, then you can almost guarantee that the diamonds are inferior and should not be trusted.
LOLOL @typeB If someone gave me a ring like that, I'd say YESSSSSSSS too! LOL sweet of you to say. Thank you @typeB Could you imagine wearing a diamond like this?!
Excellent! You get a gold star for this card @marshalledgar Hanging on to this.
IT feels like love gene comes back to me...hahaha. if someone knows this kind of diamond, I will say YES right now!
I LOVE the first paragraph~Love's been in the air for a while...flutter+ing!
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6 Things to check before Buying Jewellery Online
The online jewellery market is flourishing at a rapid rate. You can find almost every type of jewellery online. From valuable stones like diamonds to precious metals like platinum, all are available in zillion designs at an Online Jewellery Store in India. No doubt purchasing this expensive jewellery leave a dent in your pocket, so you should be double sure that the money is going in the right hands before making a purchase. In this era where online frauds are constantly increasing, it's better to be safe than sorry. That's why we made you a list of six things you should check before buying any kind of jewellery online. Let's get started. 1. Brand reliability Don't fall into the traps of hefty discounts. Always buy jewellery from a trusted brand. But how can you find out if the brand is reliable? Check the online reviews on the website and other platforms as well. Read some news related to the brand. The user interface of the website can also say a lot. Well-established brands have a user-friendly interface due to numerous feedbacks and updates. You can always ask for referrals from your friends and family who have experience in online jewellery shopping. Check the reliability of popular brands too. 2. Pricing It doesn't matter if you are a first-timer or buying jewellery for the hundredth time. The price of jewellery keeps on changing. Every piece of jewellery is unique, so you cannot compare the price with other online jewellery stores. But you can always cross-check it by going through the information of the product. It contains details about the metal weight, precious stone weight, their cost, making charges etc. You can cross-check it with the rates declared by the jewellery associations, compare the making charges with other products of the store and of course, discounts. During festival seasons, you can purchase your favourite jewellery at a heavy discount. 3. Purity Nobody likes to buy an artificial piece of jewellery at a rate of original. That's why the government has made so many rules, identification marks, and certifications. Before making any purchase, always check these things. The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) is a government agency responsible for certifying and hallmarking gold and silver jewellery. For diamond jewellery, you can check for certifications issued by GIA, INGEMCO, AGS, HRD, or other reputable organizations. Always buy your jewellery from a genuine platform that follows all government rules. Hallmarks and certifications are a symbol of the quality and purity of jewellery. 4. Return and exchange policy Suppose you want to return or exchange the jewellery after purchasing it. You got the wrong size, it doesn't look good on you, you received a damaged product, or it's too different from what you have expected. No matter what the reason is, your return experience should be hassle-free which you can ensure by reading the return and exchange policy before making the purchase. Every jewellery store goes through a different process while returning the product. The time period, refund policy, terms and conditions for successful return may vary from company to company. That's why it's a must to go through the policies before purchasing. 5. Delivery No purchase is complete until the product reaches your doorsteps and you have cross-checked it. Insured delivery is as important as any other part of the purchasing process. Delivery policies differ from company to company. Some may take 2–3 business days, while some may take even more. Custom jewellery takes the most time to deliver. Most jewellery stores offer a tracking ID so that you can track your order either from the official website or any other third-party company that has the responsibility of the safe delivery of your jewellery. Always buy jewellery with an insured delivery policy. 6. Secure payment While the shopping is done online, the payment will also be made online. Making an online payment is as risky as it sounds. That's why you should always check for a secure payment connection. There are many options available to make the payment. You can use your credit card, debit card, net banking, and many jewellery stores also offer cash on delivery. EMI options are also available. Whether the payment is small or big, make the payment with SSL encryption only so that your banking information will be safe and secure. Other than these, make sure you receive a proper invoice with detailed information about the charges. Check the jewellery after you receive it for proper sizing, damage, any dissimilarity in colour or design from the product you ordered, etc. Jewellery is close to our hearts, but these little precautions will save us from a nightmare. With these simple steps, you can enjoy your shopping experience without any worry. Follow these easy guidelines and you are all set to explore that perfect piece of jewellery. Happy Shopping!
Best Photo Editing Company
#BestPhotoEditingCompany – There are thousands of image processing companies online. This can make it difficult to find the best editing service for your job. As the days have gone by, the e-commerce platform is now a very popular platform. the demand for photo editing services is creasing. Many of them continue to strive to be one of the best photo editing company service providers along the cutting path.  The photo editing industry faces stiff reporting. 15 Best Photo Editing Service Company In 2021 Always remember the importance of photo editing services and hire a photo editing company. Photo editing companies always support e-commerce or others. And the goal is to make the customer’s image interesting. They provide high-quality and inexpensive photo editing services with round-the-clock support. List Of Best Photo Editing Service Company Everyone strives to keep their beautiful moments and memories in their photo albums in this new time. And they rely on tape service providers. Through this blog, you will learn about the top 15 tape-cutting service providers in 2021.  which direction to take for entertainment or business purposes. Here are the top 15 photo editing company provider- 1. Clipping Path Client Inc 2 . Clipping Path India 3 . Offshore Clipping Path 4 . Fix The Photo 5 . Clipping Path House 6 . Clipping Path King 7 . Clipping Path Graphics 8 . UK Clipping Path 9 . Pixelz 10 . Clipping Path Center 11. Clipping Path USA 12. Color Expert BD 13. Tech Cloud LTD 14. Adept Clipping Path 15. Clipping Path Studio #photoeditingcompany #bestphotoediting #photoediting