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Jordan Fuller is a young photographer early in her career. Her work uses light, found object and portraits to explore ideas of love and relationships of young adults. In her work, Jordan often deals with intimacy and gender roles, focusing on how both gender and sexuality are represented currently in media. Here is what Jordan says about her work More Than Words Can Say: "I am focused on visualizing aspects of romantic relationships of young adults. The romantic experiences of this age group are at varying levels. Some are experiencing their first true loves, horrible breakups, and some are settling down at an early age. I explore these themes by photographing couples, objects and my own relationship in a way that builds a collective narrative. I also incorporate acquired items such as photos and notes from people’s past relationships."
Beautiful, sad, and interesting. This is an immediately relatable and interesting project. Thanks for sharing @dillonk!
@danidee There isn't much to say on this project because there isn't much written about it. I do think part of the appeal of this project is the ambiguous nature of the photographs. Some seem strange or traumatic and that may point the meaning.
Some of these stories are really straight-forward while a lot of them aren't. I keep wondering what the first guy's story is.