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When you are trying to light a fire in the winter for survival, you need to learn how to: - find natural fire kindling materials (such as the mushrooms and birch bark used here) - how to combine nature materials can be combined for the best winter fire - what you need to consider for failsafe fires These tips are for survival situations. I don't advise using birch bark unless you absolutely have to. Also, some tips for IDin the different trees in order to gather the different wood types which you can use for kindling, etc: - Spruce is Solo (needle growing out solo). - Pine is Pair (needles grow out in pairs). - Larch is Lots (needles grow out in groups).
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@TrevorGoldley Ah, I see! Thanks @treedweller for making that more clear. I'll fix it up.
@treedweller Oh, thanks. @happyrock You might want to revise that bit! It's confusing.
@TrevorGoldley She's talking about the needles on the tree. That's how you ID if it's spruce, pine or larch, so that you know what to choose for what you need to use it for. Spruce is good kindling, etc. etc.
@happyrock I'm confused, what are those IDs at the bottom for?