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If there's one thing that's for certain, it's that commercial first aid kits sold for hiking and backpacking are overpriced. And they're still heavy. And they're expensive to refill! It's a better idea to make your own (less expensive!) first aid pack. You can choose what you want or know that you need that isn't in a traditional kit, and leave out things you find unnecessary. When you buy the items for first aid kits in larger bulk and keep the extra at home, it's definitely a much cheaper option that can work for many people. Great for personal use kits: 25 pcs Ibuprofen 8 pcs Immodium 10 pcs Benedryl 2 pcs Antiseptic wipes 2 pcs Antibiotic cream 6 pcs Assorted bandages (big ones, that can be cut to size) 6 pcs Blister prevention tape 1 container of zinc oxide 0.5 ounces of chafing relief For others (if leading or have your wilderness assistance certificates) 2 Nitrile gloves 8 pcs Aspirin 2 pcs locking safety pins Some tips on how to pack this kit from Section Hiker: - EZ Pill Pouches are great for repacking medicines. - Pre-cut strips of Leukotape (blister prevention) can be stuck on the waxy paper backing from name tags/address labels, which keeps the tape sticky. - Zinc oxide can be repacked into plastic cosmetic containers. These stay reliably closed in my pack and can also be used to store pills.
@treedweller It's a wonder that everyone doiesn't do that, lol.
I like the idea of precutting everything and getting like the moleskin on some adhesive backings so you can pack it easier. Great idae.
@happyrock I also worry about having enough for others, but shouldn't they to some extent be responsible for their own?
I always pack enough for anyone I might encounter as well. It adds weight, but I think it's worth the danger. But for an ultralight this looks pretty good, depending on where you'd be doing the hiking.
Very nice. I usually adjust the number of pcs of each medicine I take with me to fit the number of days exactly, or the number of people going.