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I know I ask this fairly often, but can you take less than 5 minutes of your day today to pause, think about nature, and wonder how you can see more of it's splendor? (Your answer should be yes!!) This video has it all: amazing underwater-to-surface timelapse shots, a great mix of b&w with full color, strong visuals, and of course, beautiful mother nature! To me, this video is a compilation of the best shots this group got over the year. Don't miss the amazing mushroom shot at :35! You won't soon forget it's uniqueness among the numerous nature timelapse videos out there. The vision, as described by the creator Doug Urquhart at UpThink Lab, was as follows: "WANDERMENT is the result of a 12-month collection of 4K time-lapse sequences captured while backpacking. Countless miles of hiking in the Appalachian Mountains and adventurous backpacking in California and Alaska provided no shortage of opportunity to capture the planet’s poetry in motion. Further juxtaposing these contrasting landscapes is the use of both color and black and white techniques throughout the film. Each time-lapse sequence, comprised of hundreds of still images, represents a chance to share these reflective moments far away from urban epicenters. It offers a simple reminder to step outside with your friends and family to experience and respect nature first-hand."
Wow this video is really amazing! It made me think of nature in a new light!
@suranimh Glad you enjoyed it :) I didn't make the video, but I did find it amazing.
kudos! very much appreciate your patient time n effort 2 bring us d marvel n purest of nature in work. d mushroom effect is simply awesome!