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White hair is one of the hardest things to get with almost black hair and covering it back up is easy though.
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@maymay75 I had to go through a long process of bleaching it at certain times. it started off just a pale Brown and then every two or three weeks I would bleach it again. it was hard lol but it looked really nice.
I've done white so many times and it is always the color I go back to. It is one of the hardest colors to keep up with and get so I appreciate that someone else is willing to actually do the work xD it looks nice
Looks great! My hair is too dark to do this but you got a great tone to it :)
Does the bleaching hurt? I've never done it before and I've heard that it isn't pleasant
@AdelitaBlan Thanks for your quick respond! I ended up getting my bangs cut the day after I saw your hair. I have side swept bangs now, but it isn't as long as yours. How did you manage to have it flipped like that?