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When talking to a majority of my vegan friends, they often tell me about all of the different things non-vegans tell them when they find out that they're vegan. "Where do you get your protein then?" and "So no fish either?" are two big ones, for starters, but perhaps the most popular statement is the "I could never be vegan. I love cheese." Vegans love cheese too. So much so that when venerated chef and animal rights activist Miyoko Schinner began production of her own artisan nut-based vegan cheeses under the brand Miyoko's Creamery, they became a highly coveted product for every vegan foodie out there. The cheeses come in a variety of flavors - Double Cream Chive, Double Cream Sundried Tomato & Garlic, High Sierra Rustic Alpine, Fresh Loire Valley (wrapped in wine-cured fig leaf), Mt. Vesuvius Black Ash, French Style Winter Truffle, Aged English Sharp Farmhouse, Aged English Smoked Farmhouse, Country Style Herbes de Provence, and Double Cream Garlic Herb. This list, albeit impressive already, is continuing to grow and change, and Miyoko is constantly coming out with new limited edition offerings with the seasons. Each is equally creamy, spreadable (perfect for vegan canapés), and enjoyable with wine, fruit, or wrapped en crote. (My sister and I have been hoarding our Aged Smoked Farmhouse and Double Cream Chive like it's basically gold.) You can find Miyoko's products at the link attached to this card. Otherwise, if you're lucky enough to be living in Northern California, the cheeses are distributed to local Whole Foods locations!