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Girls alike know the horrors of the monthly bleeding and we know the extreme pain and suffering along with it. Whether it's four days or seven, light or heavy, all periods are uncomfortable. But here's a few tips on making them a little more suitable. -Use pamprin or other medication for extreme cramping. This is an easy sedative for those gnarly aches. -If you're more of an herb person, trying drinking various mint teas and peppermint teas. These often create a warm soothing setting in your body and can release muscle tension in your uterus through relaxation. -If you are 18+ then the possibility of smoking cigarettes is helpful too. It doesn't work for everybody, but for some the nicotine eases the pain for a good while and distracts your brain from the utter bleeding. -Regular baths during Mensturation can also sooth the ache and also help blood flow and shorten your period by cleaning out the vagina and the warm water relaxes your muscles. -Exercise can help as well, sometimes a little movement is all you need, even though getting out of bed can seem impossible. -Good nutrients and plenty of water can also help the blood flow and lessen the amount of days your period lasts **If your period is extremely heavy or lasts more than 1 and 1/2 weeks at a time or has long distances in between periods, see a doctor immediately! Often something is wrong whether it's hormone imbalance or cancer or cysts, seeing a doctor is better than finding out something too late to be fixed!** Suggestion: Do not take certain birth controls. If you are prescribed birth control and it makes you ill or gain weight, see your doctor about a new birth control or different dosage. It should barely affect your body if used correctly. Personally I don't take birth control because after usage, if you ever stop taking it, it can make your periods even worse than before. It is your choice but be safe about the medications you're taking! Hope these help!
I like taking baths no matter what time of the month! They're just really relaxing and help loosen my stiff joints up.
The only thing i really need help dealing with is the horrible cramps and my bad mood swings!
when I'm on my period it's sometimes really light kinda like spotting then some times it's really heavy. but I also have really bad cramps to Where I can't walk and I get major migrations