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Today's Earthwing NLS project
I still haven't decided which wheels to set aside, and which one to put on! I'm leaning more towards one of the Stims. I just got done putting on the trucks and shock pad. Hmmm. P.S. I bought new Caliber trucks for $25 plus 5.95 shipping, but they got stolen. Luckily, the package was insured for $100, so FedEx reimbursed me $55 to buy a new set. Calibers are on sale for $49.50 until tonight, and MuirSkate priority mailed it to me so I got my new trucks in less than 48 hours!
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And a $5.50 profit for your troubles? Ooh killem!!!
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@AlbertDeCastro better than nada!
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now that's what I'm talking about
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