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Can anyone tell me what happened to this AWESOME band ? When you see bands making deep , creative music leaving a strong message behind their video. That is something I notice in this band. The 1st video gives me the shivers, the moment of death, which is cruel scary terrifying we have to accept. The 2nd video in itself is quite catchy which is also telling us a story as well. What happened to this band? Where are they? I heard something in youtube which I have no idea. Whereever they are come back soon with a bang on comeback, because you have a fan here who admires and appreciate your music. Enjoy the videos everyone.
Where; all this absss gone?they had talent what's wrong?
All of the crap happened to them right after they released one of my favorite Kpop songs (safety zone) WHHHYHHYYYYYY
I hope they will too. I think one of them just recently released a solo track!
One of them got arrested last year for dealing marijuana. And I think another one was in the military?
@danidee oh nooo :-( lets hope everything works out for other band members and they make a comeback soon thanks for the info dear.