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Cheap alternative to footstops
If you ever find yourself wanting a footstop, but for some reason you can't/don't want to buy one you can always make your own with old bushings, a longer bolt and a washer. The one I'm using is 1.75" bolt and works fine on a 8 ply deck. If you want a quality footstop, just go buy one man. They're only around 10 bucks. If you're lazy like me this is the easy way lol.
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this is the easy cheap way but hey.. I works lol I was thinking about doing mine the exact same way!
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@JaydenWashabaug yeah I ended up getting a longer bolt and put two short barrels on it. Works a lot better now
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I thought even the ones you bought as genuine foot stoppers were just bushings like this lol
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What is the advantage to foot stoppers?
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