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It's possible to have delicious soupy meals in winter without having to dehydrate all the taste away! If you're just going on a 3 or 4 day hike and can carry the weight, try this technique: At home: 1) Buy a vacuum sealer. They can run anywhere from 40 to 200+ dollars. Here's some: http://www.foodsaver.com/category.aspx?cid=87 2) Make a home-cooked meal, something with sauce or broth. 3) Line a (small) bowl with plastic wrap. Don't make the bowl too big, or it won't easily fit in the pot you're going to use to boil. Also, it might not thaw easily if it's too thick. Divide as necessary. 4) Pour into the plastic wrap, and wrap it up well! Freeze until it is no longer soupy. If it wasn't soupy to begin with, you can skip this. (**Note! If you want to save on weight, dehydrate it a little bit first, and then do this step. You'll lose some flavor but save on weight.) 5) Take your meal out of the bowl, slide it into one of the plastic bags from vacuum sealer, and remove the plastic wrap that it was in the freezer with. Vacuum seal your meal. 6) Shape it into a round ball and put in bowl. Make it into two smaller meals than one big one, otherwise, it will take too long at cooking time. 7) Freeze the ball! When at camp: 1) Boil water. 2) Put your meal in the boiling water 3) In approximately ten minutes time, remove your meal from the water, and cut the top off. 4) Eat right out of the bag. 5) Use leftover water for tea :) 6) Clean up! You can reuse the bag, if you want. Pictured: Using prepackaged meals, separate and freezedry or vacuum seal! Can be used instead of making your own meal. Enjoy!
Cool idea. Not sure how I feel about the added weight but I'm wiling to give it a try. I prefer home cooked over the junk a lot of hikers eat so I'm glad to try it.
Isn't freeze dried food what like astronauts eat?
@happyrock I tasted one of my friends' yesterday, lol! Theirs was fine but I'll have to try my own and see what happens.
@treedweller @TrevorGoldley It's not for everyone, but you both should try it just to compare at the very least! Let me know what you prefer once you do.
Woah, nice easy tips! Thanks. I've never tried freeze drying myself before, though I'm going to go with a homemade meal instead of from a box.