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The group Ampisound created a parkour video in tribute to an upcoming video game. This highly-anticipated action survival game in called Dying Light, and it features free running as a mechanic to surviving a zombie infested city. This parkour video puts you in the POV of a runner jumping from rooftop to rooftop frantically trying to escape the zombies behind him. If you want to see more info on this game check out this card:
@danidee essentially using man made structures as a platform for gymnastics with a focus on running through moves to make a continuous series of tricks
@TeamWaffles and @danidee parkour is also not limited to man made areas. that was not even its original purpose. parkour was created by the british special tactics and has grown into a sport over time. so originally it was used to get through areas faster, man made or not.
@TeamWaffles and @danidee parkour is defined as getting from point a to point b as fast as possible. flips and such are not a parkour but rather a part of free running because most (not all) flips are not efficient. Free running is like parkour but it does not usually involve getting to a specific point as fast as possible, free running is pretty much showing off your gymnastic skills. Free running and parkour are commenly confused. But they are not the same.
@TeamWaffles That is intense. I wish I could do this too. It's the ultimate zombie apocalypse skill, hahah.
What's parkour? This looks so intense. That guy can really fly around.
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