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The Best Instagram Photos of 2014

The days of grainy smartphone images are slowly fading away. Today's smartphones are quickly advancing and many photographers are adopting the use of this camera for it's convenience. Today we see photographers using photo-sharing apps like Instagram into their own personal portable galleries that many people can see. "You have the dark room in your pocket," says Pierre Le Govic, the Paris-based founder of Out of the Phone. "Now there are many well known photographers who use the platform, but at the very beginning, there were many people who didn't know so much about photography, and these were the kind of people that I wanted to showcase," he says. "But on the other hand, it was also something confusing because there are too many images." But out with the uncharted waters and in with accessibility. Millions of people now have access to cameras and photography where they never would have thought possible before. Check out some of the best Instagram photography of 2014 in celebration to this accessibility of photography.
@dillonk Yeah! Make a card about it. I'm sure there's some Vinglers out there would really want to know about it! It sounds awesome though, almost like an Instagram app for the Flickr set.
Cool shots. I clicked on the link and they have a bunch more worth looking at too
I plan on it. I'll let you know once I make it!
@danidee I should make a card about it. Essentially there is a plethora of editing tools that out number instagram. The editing seems to be healthier for the images. High res images can be uploaded via computer or phone and other photographers' galleries seem to have a higher overall quality.
Really? How does VSCO differ from Instagram?
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