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these are by far my favorite curlers!! it takes no time to put them in and the best part is you can sleep in them and wake up with amazing curls!!! they are soft and easy to use! what I usually do is take a shower the night before then put my hair in a messy bun and go to bed! in the morning I take my hair down brush it and then I put the curlers in and leave for about 30 minutes to an hour or until my hair is dry take them out and finish with hair spray. you can take as big or as small section of hair and roll it in the curler just depends how big of a curl u want. you can also take a shower at night and put them in and go to bed. if your wanting wavey hair I always make sure my hair is completely dry and put them in and I get perfect waves!
I got mine at Walmart, they were around $15 and they work amazing! you can get big curls small curls or waves! @ArianaVenti @maymay75 @sophiamor
I love how your curls came out! I have to get myself one of those!
I've always wanted to try these cause they make people look like medusa haha
Oh my god haha they look so fun! Where can I find these?