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There's nothing more dull than facing a gloomy work station. One way to keep me motivate to do my budgeting is to have a lively and fresh environment. Smart decor is key to a beautiful space. Brighten up your desk or work station with this easy marble organizer. All made with nail polishes! Materials: – nail polishes – wood boxes Tools: – tape – stirring stick – plastic tub Instructions: 1. Tape off wooden box to create a block for your marbled section. 2. Fill plastic tub with water and then pour in nail polish. Swirl nail polish with stirring stick. 3. Let the face of the box touch the surface of the water and then lift. The nail polish will be stuck on the face of the box! 4. Use the stirring stick to collect the rest of the nail polish and to clean up the water for the next color. 5. Wait 10 mins for the nail polish to try and then pat the water droplets with a paper towel. 6. Remove the tape and voilà it’s that easy!
That's really cool. It's like a science experiment and a DIY project in one, haha.
Love it! Cheap cost and simple method but elegant look and high quality!