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It's not too early to plan for your V-day nails. Here's favorite fuzzy Ikat heart tutorial for your manicure. Have fun! 1. Play with three shades of pink. 2. Then paint a heart on each nail (as pictured), using a different pink from the base color. Don't worry if it's not perfect. 3. With your small striping brush and another pink, paint tiny vertical lines around the edge of each heart. 4. Continue around each heart. Your lines don't need to be the same size. 5. Using the same pink you used to outline each heart in step 3, stripe a tiny heart in the center of each ikat heart shape. 6. Top coat it and you're done! Photo: Nailed It
Soooo many shades of purple! I am so jealous!
This is so cute. I have a friend who is obsessed with ikat prints who would seriously love these nails for Valentine's Day.
Perfect for someone that can't freehand with a steady hand.