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If there is anyone else in Vingle local to wisconsin, I'm always lookin for people to ride and slide with! I'm near the Milwaukee area and I will b going to most of the Midwest events this summer. If anyone else is out in wiconsin lookin for some people to ride with lmk. Me and my crew will b skating all over wisconsin we might even b comin toward h sometime
a fellow wisconsinite here! I'm in Platteville though. The hills out here in the country are sick.
@3rdtactical @EmilySalzsieder @austinwagner are yall gonna b at any of this years events
No matter how much I hate Wisconsin weatherwise, no one, and I mean NO ONE has the ability nearly as good as Wisconsinites that allows us to skate no matter how crappy the weather is. And I'm happy for that. :D
@austinwagner mayb we can meet up and skate sometime. If I'm ever in the area I'll let uk on Vingle!
I'm in Minnesota, that's close :3
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