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frustrated and angry
First off why I'm frustrated, I loosened my trucks because they were so tight I couldn't make easy turns. Now I don't like how loose they are so I'm going to tighten them little by little to find a spot that I'm comfortable with high speeds and able to take easy turns. It's so hard finding the perfect tightness or looseness for the trucks. The only problem is I don't have my skate tool on me. That leads me to why I'm angry. I went to a tool store that's supposedly nice and chill and known for not having a problem with people coming in and using a tool if they need to. So I go in and to the back where the used tools are and I find the right size to tighten my trucks a little bit, it wasn't as tight as I wanted though, but when I go to leave they asked for it back and I said I left it on the table, like your supposed to, than they ask me to empty my pockets, than I ask why and they accuse me of stealing it. I said that I was offended and that I would not empty my pockets and they replied with well we will call the police than. I said go ahead I'll wait for them. So the police show up ask me to empty my pockets and surprise it wasn't in my pockets than I went to the back picked it up and said here it was back there the whole time. Have a good day. And than I left. I believe that they treated me like this because I had my board with me and they must have some hatred towards skaters. Now they will never get my business again. I'm so angry.
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There is always some people who hate or don't trust skaters and it's bull when they treat us like that. I get that type of stuff too cause I'm a longboarder and teenager. The fact that people think some people will steal just because the way they look is ridiculous, I know people that would steal and don't look like they would. I hate being judged cause I have long hair, have gauges, longboard, and in the future have tattoos.
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That's the first time something like that has ever happened.
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Most people must be better bout skaters over there then.
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