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This was really hard, but here is my list I hope you enjoy it :) 1. Kitto (Surely) - Fujita Maiko This song is so emotional, and the singer is one of my favourite singers of all time. The song is about a girl who has fallen in love with someone who doesn't love her back, she is staying awake hopefully waiting for a phone call. She is sure he won't call but tries to reassure herself, that surely he would have noticed that she has fallen for him and look on her with affection. The phone call never comes and she goes to sleep. It may not be the exact meaning, but it's how I interpreted the english lyrics. I either get teary or cry when I hear this song, it's about longing, but that is a form of desire so I hope that it counts, especially because I wrote this long description XD thankyou to @jiggzy19 for showing me this song :) 2. Closer - Hyorin I've made no secret of the fact that I love Hyorin, she is just perfect ^^ In this song she is asking her man to come a little closer, for... well... "cough" I imagine you get the idea :) 3. Choco Love - Wheesung This song is 19+ though in Australia it would be lucky to get higher than M rating (which stands for mature audiences) it's a pretty cool song regardless :) 4. French Kiss - HyunA It should be pretty obvious what HyunA is desiring in this song :P 5. Goodnight Kiss - Jun Hyo Sung I love this song, it's so fun and catchy, and it's another song about kissing prior to a... different activity 6. Black Tinkerbell - Chocolat I seriously love this song, about desiring to be with someone who is in love with someone else. 7. We Were in Love - T-ara and Davichi I can't get over how much I love this song, it's so awesome. The combination of Davichi and T-ara is just magical. 8. One More - Fiestar This song was an instant favourite of mine! I thought it meant one more time, I found out recently that it's apparently about adding one more person though... Still it's a really catchy and fun song :) 9. Day & Night - Gummy I only stumbled across this while I was looking for songs to put on this list, I love Gummy and I love this ^^ I'm pretty sure this is from the Master's Son OST 10. A.D.T.O.Y - 2pm The final song for my list was the hardest to find, this is one of the earlier Kpop songs I heard, in fact it introduced me to 2pm, and because of this I like the song and them :) So I'm not sure if all the songs on this list fall into the desire category for you, but the way I interpret them they do :) @nenegrint14 Full credit to the owners of these videos :D Sorry if the MVs don't all play D:
Ugh I'm having trouble with my list...I have playlist block lol XD Kitto is an amazing song...your welcome!!! I love this list thanks for sharing(⌒▽⌒)
perfect 2pm A.D.T.O.Y and t.ara and Davichi are my favourite
@nenegrint14 I think it's challenging, and that's great, it's good to be challenged by things :)
i really like your collection thanks sooo much for sharing it I really love all the song you posted. I think i get the idea from your card what this lis is suppose to be like I am gonna have to listen to kpop a lot more to find my songs for this list lol lets c if I get a chance.
Listened to it through and through and thoroughly enjoyed it....say THAT five times fast lol but seriously I liked it :)I'm humming that Fiestar song as we speak.....make it stoppp.
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