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I will try out this new way of doing a card! Simply follow the Steps as the Pictures show attached! Remember any of your seasonal fresh or frozen veggies can be added! I love green red yellow peppers, onions, asparagus, squash, zucchini, mushrooms. I add more during veggie season which makes this a great breakfast lunch or dinner and healthy! Add anything else you prefer like any sort of cheese or meats and Viola! You're the creator so enjoy what you like in your eggs! Use any of your favorite seasonings to taste as you cook! I simply sprinkle a little in to taste! You can always add more after they are cooked! Remember to flip before they burn! This may he the toughest skill invovled! I bake fresh bread to go with it as well! I sometimes make this into a sandwich for breakfast! Total cooking and prep times vary depending on what you put in and if you like your veggies more crunchy or sautéed? Just try not to burn the eggs! Enjoy! Thanks for reading!
@inthekitchen I will keep adding as I have the chance! Thanks! Glad you enjoyed!
I just call it Easy Eggs but if anyone has a better suggestion? I am open! Thanks for liking my recipe! I definitely agree with all the Veggies the better and healthier! I like the idea of the Greek eggs with feta cheese, maybe some olives, the little peppers, and cook it in instead of olive or some other oil trying a little Greek Dressing! Great idea @danidee @nokcha @Goyo thanks for all the interest! I think I will also add Mexican eggs with a little black beans and jalapenos and some tortilla chips for crunch and a little salsa when its done! Also, instead of olive or some other oil trying a little Mojo juice to cook them in and give it that extra authentic flavor! OK I am hungry now!
Awesome recipe!!! Keep 'em coming :)
Yeah I am glad it works! Just ate some more tonight! Switched it up to the Greek style this time! Glad you @danidee like the eggs!
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