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So I defiantly want to tighten my trucks idk how much though. Just tried bombing a hill I've hit several times but this had been my first time with these trucks as loose as they are and I had speed wobbles really bad. I'm pretty sure that my helmet just saved my life on the second wreck.
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I've fell at 35 but not because of speed wobbles but because of pedestrians in prospect and I didn't know how to shut down at the time
@NickRadis @KTM2014 @JaydenWashabaug yeah like I've hit so many times I just had loosened up my trucks and thought I would be able to handle it and I had worked my way up to it but it just was too loose so I've been working on slowly tightening them. I need to try again at how tight it is now but I want to wait and recuperate.
the 50 degrees aren't the most stable above 30 like at all with stock bushings
I've never had a problem on that hill till I loosened up my trucks.
i felt like that today but thankfully i tightened them before i went out skating cause when i first threw my trucks on my board i left it as is and the second i hopped on it i was carving intensly without?even meaning to so i hopped off walked back inside and tightened each truck atleast 5 times each i couldnt imagine going dh like that