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So I've always been bothered by misuse of words in general and like to use every word in my vocabulary correctly but I'm wondering how you guys feel about it. So I'm gonna go over a few things that have bothered me. 1. Longboards being called skateboards. 2. It may just be me but I don't like to say I'm going skating I prefer the term boarding. 3. Being called a skater. I'm sure this ones really weird but let me explain. First is skateboarding and longboarding are really different. Second skaters are totally different from longboarders, at least I like to think so, like don't y'all think we are a lot more lax and chill while skaters are more high-strung and not quite aggressive or combative I'm somewhere between the line of aggressive and assertive. 4. I'm sure there's more things like this but I've lost my train of thought.
I think you may be thinking too much into this. People grow up in different parts and call it something different. Like where I'm from we say pop instead of soda. I don't care what you call it because in the end we all know what your talking about.
The sports can be completely different, but I would find it stand to be called.. idk what? a longboarder? I'm a skater. Skateboards are just shorter longboards and vice versa. I don't really care for trick decks... but I mean at least you're not walking. Also... most skaters aren't as bad as the media makes them... they're pretty chill, although skateboarders vs longboarders is a forever-debate like skiing and snowboarding.
You should be more worried about high sides, wash outs, stoke, steez, late grab, switch and other things of those natures
I skate on my skateboard cuz I'm a skater and I skate on my longboard and I ride my board...I'm lax and chill but some days I'm high strung and aggressive and even combative and assertive but none of that matters when my feet are on my longboard skateboard then it's just me and the deck.
Sometimes you just have to smoke a fat spliff and contemplate longboard psychology with the vingle community
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