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WIP: Nico Cosplay Update!
Nico cosplay update! I finished the skirt and the bodice this week! I need to take in the bodice a little more because it's a little loose, but I'll be working on that soon. The sleeves are also gathered and ready to attach! I wasn't sure if I should gather them all together or separately (I did them together at first, but changed it after. You see the first both in these pics. There wasn't much difference). These pics taken before I finished all of my work, but enjoy a little WIP! What do you think so far?
Strange that the ruffling didn't make much of a difference either way, but in general I love the look of it all!
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You have more patience than me. Good luck.
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You're making it all by hand?! But those balls are going to take a long time to paint aren't they?
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