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I've found my spirit cop! This is EXACTLY what I look like rocking out to T-swift in the car :) So nice to see a cop enjoying his time rolling around just like we do. Also, yeah I know he takes his hands off the wheel and stuff, but lets be honest, who doesn't? It's natural to be safe while driving, but not natural to NEVER move while you're driving! What's your embarrassing car sing-a-long song?
I tend to sing a lot of embarrassing old Korean songs because I study it a lot. So I'm usually singing something someone's Korean grandma probably listens to hahaha.
Damn this song got stuck in my head for 3 months, and now due to this card, its gonna be stuck again... @christinabryce thanks for the vid, though. its hilarious lol
@danidee That would be embarrassing, haha! @TechAtHeart mine's TSwift, too!! @Goyo lol oops?
This brightened my day! This is hilarious. Singing to TSwift songs is my guilty catchy.