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I wore this nail design last year with my a-line sweetheart dress. It's simple yet romantic. It's perfect if you don't want your nails to overpower your whole outfit. There's only two simple step to draw the heart: 1. Paint a small diagonal oval from the left side of your nail almost to the right side. 2. Make the same oval shape, starting from the right side of the nail to almost the left side Tip: This looks better with round tip nails. Don't forget to seal the design with a top coat
Totally doing this for V-Day, its too cute to pass up!
@iluvdurian31 Who needs a date?! I'm doing this for V-Day either way! ;)
Adorable! And it's so easy to paint them on.
LOVELY! I will for sure do this on Valentines Day (if I have a date that is).
Oh, so lovely! It's not February yet, but I'm in the mood to try this out.
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