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I love that this community writes so much about love and loving others, or unrequited love, etc. It's a topic we are all familiar with and have experience with. The pieces you guys write about it are enjoyable to read! I have a challenge though to see if we can create a wider variety of poems. Im asking everyone to think of the first subject or topic that comes to mind and then write about the opposite of it! If you're thinking about writing a poem about loving someone write about how it would be if you hated them instead. Or write about what it would be like if they suddenly hated you. if you're thinking about how beautiful the day is or the joys of life write about something that has ruined your day before. or write about how something that brought you joy also brought you pain. Be creative! Just think of an opposite situation and write from there! 馃摑 Can't wait to see some interesting pieces here!!
Cool idea! Looking forward to reading what people put up :)
@sherrysahar keep writing about what you really want to. Sometimes I get set on writing about a certain subject and I don't want to change it up. The best writing comes from what we are passionate about it. Don't pick up any challenges if you don't think it would be beneficial :)
I'm going to try this one! Great point. We need to remember to diversify ourselves :)
alright hah
Interesting points @Kailtlynnjanae however I really want to share I really want to write about forgiveness forgiving others setting your mind free and believing that people do change and the world is still filled beautiful lovely caring people everywhere I actually really want to write how it feels to forgive, and we all want to forgive and we all should.
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