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Short hair is hot this season, but stand out from the crowd and give your hair some character with ombré coloring. I fell in love with this style when my friend was wearing it with her long curls. However, I'm utterly digging the bob and subtle highlight this season. I've already seen a bunch of hollywood stars and street fashionista flaunting this style. If you currently have a bob or wants to get a bob, give it a personal touch with balayage ombré. Learn more about the different types here - Tips: Wavy Hair - Try parting your hair to the side (pic 1) for a modern update. If you're not comfortable with too much color you can go a shade or two lighter than your original hair (pic 2). Fine Hair - If you're feeling adventurous, play it with with bangs (pic 3)! This is the best time to try it before summer rolls in. If you want to play it safe go for an a-line bob for an illusion of volume (pic 4). Curly Hair - In my opinion, you have the best texture for an ombré bob (pic 5). The color can easily compliment your volume. Just remember to give your hair extra moisture. Straight Hair - Keep the length equal and try a softer blend (pic 6).
I Love :)
I really really want to try ombre at some point this year!
The first one is really edgy - reminds me a little of anna wintour just because of her sunglasses hahah
@ArianaVenti Lets go get matching haircuts hahahah
Bah! @danidee I was just about to say how much I love the last picture and then I read your comment haha beat me to it!
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