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this is a cute look you just twist and pin it in the other side of your head step one you want to comb your hair back step 2 grab top layer and twist until you reach other side and Bobby pin it step 3: grab hair above the Bobby pin and twist covering the bobby pin of the top layer step 4 continue until satisfied enjoy this look and smile cus everyday we experience something amazing
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yeah it looks complicated but it really and yes a really cute hairstyles for any type of hair
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My arms are tired just looking at this! Probably not something I could do by myself but I might get my friends so help me - Its awesome!
3 years ago·Reply
Whoa it got crazier and crazier with every square but its really pretty at the same time hahaha
3 years ago·Reply
Whoa my layers would make this impossible but once my hair (finally!) grows out I am giving this a go!
3 years ago·Reply
love it....but wouldnt go that far down
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