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The anger builds. And at a moments notice, you change. Red fills your eyes. Your mind becomes someone else. Why? How? What happens when you say those words that cut so deep? That moment defines your future. It changes what you thought you knew. You feel empty. Saddened by such stupidity. How do you take it back? You don't. You're slowly ruining everything that you ever called home. Everything that you loved, slips through your fingers. And now all you have is the anger. The stupidity. The darkness. The pain. You asked for it. Pity yourself. Feel bad. No one else does. You hurt the only real thing you had in your life. The love is gone. The laughter. The joy. The happiness. You asked for it.
Sometimes, even when you ask for it, you don't mean it. I like the 2 word lines: Pity Yourself. Feel bad. The stupidity. All of these words are simple, and let the readers' minds swell to feel what they associate with the words.
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It's hard to represent kind of unexplainable rage like this; I think you got a good start, though. I had a hard time feeling if this person really regrets the anger or not, though
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I think "Saddened by such stupidity" expresses regret for the actions. It shows remorse from the actions.
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