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gonna get new board

since I wrecked mine, wanna try to fix it too but I think the only way to do that is to topmount it but I tried some topmounts the last couple weeks and I and I absolutely hated them after riding my switch40 so:/ idk any suggestions on some double dropped boards like the switch40? might wanna try something new(gonna be freeriding still)
I know how sponsors work dude, I've had a lot in the past.. not long boarding but all my other sports.. I know they want that kind of stuff @steezus
think I'm just gonna send my edit to a few company's first.. just to see what might happen... maybe I'll pick up a board sponsor?:/ we'll see!!@IsaacPaulR @crazyheart @NickRadis @EricDavis @JoshSmith @Mannith @steezus
They might just send you a top mount
@EricDavis preach!
Never liked top mounts I feel you
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