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since I wrecked mine, wanna try to fix it too but I think the only way to do that is to topmount it but I tried some topmounts the last couple weeks and I and I absolutely hated them after riding my switch40 so:/ idk any suggestions on some double dropped boards like the switch40? might wanna try something new(gonna be freeriding still)
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Arbor collective dh series. Give those boards a look, they're the best imo. I think you could definitely get sponsored though. Maybe look for a smaller company with good boards first? idk
The arbor james Kelly pro model is awesome
i have a maestro mini that had came with my mystery box
@JaydenWashabaug get sponsored and make us proud! vingle may see that there are some serious people on here too
@jaydenwashabaug if you get sponserd pass us a couple of decks 馃憣