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As hours go by, minutes and seconds wave goodbye while the sky turns into an auburn lit skyline. My skin decides to imitate the way it feels. As we decide to put our brain to rest, mine wanders the night time wonders, but as time moves on the wonders turn into horrors. Left to right, i see nothing but darkened memories. How many times must i see such a thing, vague images of the unidentified faces, images of those who are unknown. It gets better. Wandering through empty hallways, looking for what I can't see, the sounds become less indistinct, the images become more lucid. It all seems so tangible. How come when I forgot who you were, the feelings had resuscitated as though my heart knew exactly who you were? The dark becomes darker. My mind fleas behind the scenes of a cold lonely night, but i know you're there, i know deep down that you're there who ever YOU are. My heart feels it. As my mind starts to go back to this mental state of confusion, I start to think, "will this ever end?" I need you to be here when the darkness crawls it's way back into my head, stay here by my side, for i will return, and want you to be waiting there, to greet me with a hug and a kiss, believe in me as i believe in you. Don't go. Why must it happen so fast? Why does it have to happen like this? Why can't I... remember what you do? Is it too much to ask for the memories you all contain so that way I feel as you do? Hold my hand. Take my hand, for i do not want to go back alone. Take my hand, because it is the only thing that can get me through all this mess. We are here. You don't have to do this by yourself, you won't have to feel as if you are the only one. You got as much heart as the women who were tried by King Solomon. As much heart as the woman who's baby was abducted. As much heart as she had when Solomon tried the woman to see who's child it really was. We believe in you as much as she believed in her own words. In the end we will all get what we want. The Child and The Memories. Don't lose hope, we will be here when you awake. Give us that much Suintards. (: This is for someone who has been battling memory impairment, someone whom i love and will wait for til she remembers who i am. There isn't a thing that i wouldn't do for her. She may not remember who i am and what we had, but gradually she is coming back from the vast emptiness that her condition had left her with, she is slowly building back up just as the galaxy formed and we came to be. When i think about how much i care about her every day seems possible. So this poem was meant to be from her point of view. I love you Hailey Suina, I'll be waiting for you.
She's alive which is a success story in itself. My aunts therapist told us that someone who has gone through something that traumatizing will always carry that trauma with them for the rest of their lives. It can't be helped, and others handle things differently. I don't know what kind of pain she went through or is currently going through, but you just have to know that she's still probably hurting and will continue to hurt, but she's rebuilding, as you said in this piece. It's going to take a long time for her and it's going to be difficult to understand the basis of what's going on with her. That's something I had to learn with my aunt. But she sounds like a fighter, and I have no doubt that she will come out stronger than ever before, and you will too. :) best of luck to you.
i hoped.
I can relate to this. My aunt had suffered a severe stroke and lost all recollection of my family and I and she still hasn't gotten her memories back but she's with us so that's what matters. Did she ever get her memories back?
she's a fine college student doing really well, we don't see each other any more, things change and with complications in your life they will definitely change some portion of your life, for better or for worse. for me it was both.
This is powerful. Even though I'm just now stumbling onto this now, and it was posted so long ago..what ever happened to her? I don't mean to be insensitive in any way, im just curious. Did she ever recover? My prayers are that she's still in this world, and that she's doing fine. That must really be a hard thing to go through. What a way to express such feelings! Awesome stuff!
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