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I have written about Mark Dorf before but I thought I would make another card about him. His work incorporates what is perceived to be real, about the transformation of physical space, and the exploration of the natural work in some not so traditional ways. Mark brings an element into his photographs that many aren't used to. Mark is intrigued by the way people read photography as an absolute reflection of our existence. So he is asking questions based on a common theme in photography, what exactly is representation. Here are some of Mark's words on his project Axiom and Simulation: "Axiom & Simulation examines the ways in which humans quantify and explore our natural surroundings through the use of artistic, scientific, and digital realism. As a developed global culture, we are constantly transforming physical space and objects into abstract non-physical thought to gain a greater understanding of composition and the inner workings of our surroundings. These transformations often take the form of mathematical or scientific interpretation and as a result, we can misinterpret or even lose all reference to the source: when the calculated representation is compared to its real counterpart, an arbitrary and disconnected relationship is created in which there is very little or no physical or visual connection resulting in questions of definition – data vs. object and macroscopic vs. microscopic."
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Great diversity in the works shown here. Dorf really nailed it with this series, I really love the whole thing. I think photographic representation is something modern 'avant guard' photographers have been playing with for awhile now, and personally it does interest me quite a lot. It's so interesting to see where photography can take us!