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Want to add a magical touch to your side braid? According to Katie of Skunkboy, a Learn from Katie of Skunkboy's a dash of glitter with do. Braid Instructions: 1.Start with a dramatic side part. 2. Separate a small section of hair on the side and separate it into two smaller sections. 3. Using a french braid method, begin braiding. 4. Continue the braid until you reach behind the ear. Then finish your braid all the way down using the regular fishtail method. 5. Gather hair into a side ponytail and add accessories like headbands, barrettes or flowers!
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Now how do I get her hair color lol
This adds such a nice texture to what could have been a boring pony tail haha
I'm more interested with her hair color than the braids. It's so bright and beautiful!
This is really beautiful
Agree with you @NovaRodriguez! So beautiful!