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This makeup technique took the storm in Fendi's Spring 2015 runway. Makeup artist Peter Philips got crafty to get a perfect color match seen in the clothes and hair accessories. He apparently thought it was too difficult to get the exact color and borrowed a few flower stripes from a flower-shaped hair accessory and glued it onto the lids with lash glue. If you're up for a eyeliner challenge, here's how you replicated the look: 1. Cut thin strips of leather and apply those strips along the lash line with lash glue. 2. Add false lashes or use mascara for a full dramatic look.
I think it's awesome to experiment. However, this look is more editorial than for actual beauty application. It's something that works on the runway and in print. I would never recommend this for any other purpose.
What?! I feel like this would be a little heavy but at the same time really awesome haha
Not sure what to think about leather eyeliner. I'm always on the safer side when it comes to makeup. I can't really take risks. lol
I wouldn't do this because with eyelash glue, It can do damage to your lashes make them fall out, once they fall out they won't grow back.
I love looking at runway beauty trends. They're really fun if you're the type of person who likes getting really experimental with their look. I especially love runway nail designs!