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"WOOOOOOOH!" As the Packers receive the ball again and again. "C'mon!" As the Refs make a bad call! "YEAH!" As they go for the TD but come up short. The constant yelling overwhelms the energy already built up as the house warms up with the smell of Brats and Burgers. The yelling fills the void that has been in my heart always, i'm in love with the feeling of them feeling pumped up. Family, i found family in others that i have been longing for, you couldn't imagine how long i've been searching for such a feeling. It's not just here, it's there, there and over there. So many places my heart feels at home. But it's still not enough. My blood runs just like yours, yours and yours. But you are over here, and you are over there, bickering about things that we don't want to hear. Your young ones. We the children of our fathers and mothers, want nothing more than to be a family again, sides are chosen and sides we shall stay, but there is a median and i will not sway. YOU CALL YOURSELVES THE ADULTS?! YOU SAY WE ARE CHILDISH FOR WHAT WE SAY? DO YOU NOT SEE YOURSELF DAY AFTER FUCKING DAY?! I DON'T WANT TO SEE THIS FAMILY DIVIDE, I DO NOT WANT MY CHILD TO SEE THE DARKEST OF SIDES. You want to know what has been going through my head? As i sit here writing more than needs to be said. You couldn't grasp the concept of the dead, because my heart has went on ahead. This family of mine, that i created on my own. The wonderful smiles i have put on the thrown, will rule my heart just like my mind has done on it's own, because what are we without a smile of our own?
shoot yea i meant throne v.v
One tiny thing: thrown in the end....did you mean thrown or did you mean throne? It really changes the feel!
Interesting idea--I really relate to the notion of homes being held in more places than one, but kind of all over the place, rather than just there resting with one group that you can't take it from.