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Looks like wearable tech is getting extra creative. Dorothy is a bluetooth device you can stick in your shoes that enables you to use if-then scenarios at the click of your heels. Are you stuck on an awkward date and wish someone could call you and save you? No worries, Dorothy has your back. Click your heels, and viola! You can also text people, send location info, summon an Uber car, and other features that will be added in the future. This is not only hilarious but oddly genius. I would totally buy this, if only I knew where. Anyone know? I linked the official announcement of this device on the company website here on this card. I saw no link or directions of where to buy it. I am guessing they have not released it yet.
@StarRainTearBow that is definitely a hard one...although I feel there must be a way with how advanced our phones are getting. For example NFC, I could tap my phone with another NFC enabled device and transfer photos, data, etc. I haven't kept up with this device but I'm excited to look up if it is released
I think it sounds great, but it will probably be in product testing for quite awhile (would be my guess) - it would be hard for such a device to tell the difference between a lady "clicking" her heels, and simply walking down the street. Perhaps a simple toggle widget on a local device might do the trick, allowing the user to activate when they want it active?