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Before things get serious, I just want to say that manterrupting (the unnecessary interruption of a woman by a man) and bropropriating (taking a woman’s idea and taking credit for it) are my new favorite words. Reading them made me laugh because they're perfect. The last thing I want to expect in a workplace is to be treated differently or feel silenced because I am female. I always hope for the best in terms of work environment and thankfully have not had bad experiences. However, sexism exists and it's always important to discuss and learn ways to help tackle situations when you feel your voice is not being heard. This article by Time magazine gave a few tips that are worth noting: 1. Know That We’re All a Little Bit Sexist — and Correct for It Acknowledging that the problem exist is the first step. Also, it's important to note that sexism can work both ways. 2. Establish a No-Kanye Rule (Or Any Interruption, for That Matter) Clearly making a no-interruption rule at meetings is one way to help solve the problem, or at least a way for everyone to know it is not okay. 3. Practice Bystander Intervention If you see someone being interrupted, a simple, "Wait, let them finish" or "I want to hear what she is saying," can really help. Point it out when it happens in a civilized way. 4. Create a Buddy System With a Friend Specifically, create a buddy system with a male peer if you believe that will help. Having a friend who is male back you up and affirm your voice can make a huge difference. 5. Support Your (Female) Colleagues If you hear a great idea from a woman, then back her up...vocally if possible. 6. Give Credit Where It’s Due Pretty self-explanatory...make sure to give credit and not take credit when you didn't do it alone. 7. Women: Practice Assertive Body Language and Own Your Voice Body language is important when communicating with people and it has proven to make a difference. Fake it till you make it! Even if you don't feel confident, speak authoritatively and don't apologize before you speak. 8. Support Companies With Women in Power Teams that are more diverse perform better, so support companies with diverse leadership whenever possible. Tech companies will definitely benefit from this. I dream of the day more women will be in leadership positions at tech companies Hope you found these tips helpful. I'd love to hear any other tips of what to do when you feel "manterrupted".
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