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Hello all my Vingle friends and those I haven't had the pleasure of meeting yet . I have been trying something new this season and just haven't been able to hook up on consistent catches for perch . In fact last outing I only got two(2) in 4 hours . The lake I fish is big and I have talked with others that r running into the same problem . some may catch one or two at a time and others will catch nothing fishing side by side using same set up. Others may catch them in 12 feet where I've only been able to catch them in 60 feet on a fluke of drilling dozen of holes and continuing to move around to see if that would help . ( No luck) . My question is : how do I locate and keep a consistent catch coming in ? they range from 7 to 16 inches . yet can't seem to catch them consistently or find them in the same area more than once . I've tried a lot of different set up and tried head and tails of minnows and my best luck was with wax worms . Thank You in advance for the advice
I use a pass-through egg sinker with a small swivel about a two-foot mono or fluorocarbon lead, colored bead and Kahle hook. Let it rest on the bottom and you'll get a strike zone. the bait will be presented in the strike zone. When you feel the perch reel it in. Remeber these are schooling fish who swim all around and it is best to follow them to catch more! They are attracted to color as well! Move around seeking these bottom feeders about every half hour as they jet around and it's up to us to find them first and then snag em! Maybe kick up some of the dirt at the bottom of the lake dragging anchor or something else and they'll also think it's feeding time! Keep your eye out for sturgeon as I have heard they will trail them too! Good luck! @yakwithalan @mcgraffy @DougJohnson Let me know if this helps you or not?
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Hmmm.....I'm not perch expert man sorry. Maybe @mcgraffy or @DougJohnson have some advice? I'm not sure how much ice fishing they do either.