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Once in a Lifetime They say,true love comes only once. i never had faith in it. until destiny/chance introduced me to  you... it wasn't love at first sight,neither the second.. it wasn't love in the beginning as well.. what began as a conversation... turned into an addiction... an addiction to have a conversation..everyday... time flew...things weren't normal... a roller coaster ride altogether.... a different experience altogether... which led to the formation of wonderful memories... memories of learning... memories of sharing... memories of crying... memories of randomness.. memories of pure awesomeness.. memories that would last forever... I am thankful to destiny/chance and will always be. because it taught me, There is life after love failure. There is love after love failure. This is dedicated to my first love and to everyone whose first love is a unique experience in its own way.It definetly is a once in a lifetime moment which is meant to be cherished for our innocence :) :) Aladin First write up of 2015.
What a lucky person they are to have your love!
Congrats on your first poem of 2015! A lot of repetition and ellipses in this piece give an interesting shape.
Thank You @hikaymm For your positive feedback.I am Glad you enjoyed reading it. @onesmile :) :)