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Sure, groom's cake has been around for a while, but some of these cakes are so un-wedding-like, they defy two tiers in their construction. They range from almost traditional in cake shape to a mini-replica Black Jack casino table. Of course, there's the ubiquitous topsy-turvy style that's been around forever. Im of the mind if you're going to have a groom's cake, then really go out of your way to make it a showstopper. I really like the laptop cake and the athletic ball cap because they tell a great story into the life of the man getting married. What are your thoughts? Planning to have a groom's cake also?
What's a wedding without a little adventure? I like the ball cap one the best. And I can't really articulate why. Just do. @luisaM221
@marshalledgar i guess i like the fact that the grooms cake is very unique and different to that of a normal wedding cake , my fav would probably have to be the mountain type one , i guess i just like how it shows that the groom is adventurous :)
@LuisaM221 Hey! Thanks for liking. Love to hear why you liked it or which cake in particular. Or...maybe...just maybe you like the idea of the groom's cake?
Hi @maymay75 Thanks for the comment and question. There's no story per se. But a super, no-holds-barred approach to designing a groom's cake can be a great storytelling vehicle. Did you happen to have a favorite?
Is there a story behind this groom cake? Haha sounds interesting.