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I wish I had used a better camera, but all I had on me was my phone.
Are you using any sharpening in editing on your camera? It might help to tone down sharpening a little bit as things start to get block/grainy. I enjoy the images though, where did you take them?
This was at Westport, Wa. I'm glad you enjoyed the images ^_^
And I guess the sharpening is a bit too much, especially in the last one XD but I did it on purpose. I also messed with the contrast. I thought it made the last image a bit more stormy. It was a bad time for me, so I liked making my pictures look dark.
@JazzyJones I see what @dillonk means, it's not that you shouldn't sharpen or put contrast into your images to make them look how you want them to look. That's up to you! However, sometimes the integrity of the details of the images themselves get lost or distorted. When this happens it's hard to see the beautiful detail of the images. Like I mentioned in your other card, sometimes images can get that artifacting effect when downsizing or over sharpening. In the end it's all up to you, just trying to give some constructive criticism! :)