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DIY Berry Lip Stain
I'm obsessed with Benefit's lip tint, but I'm always a sucker for homemade beauty products. As soon as I found out a way to make my own lip stain I stop buying Benefit from Sephora. Although, it's always nice to try on new shades. With that said, here's a natural way to give your lips some color and (delciousness). Ingredients: About 3-5 raspberries and blackberries 1 teaspoon olive oil Method: 1. Combine the berries in a small bowl. 2. Mash it well. Then add in olive oil and mash it again until the mixture becomes liquid. 3. Drain the liquid into another container with a fork, leaving seeds and chunks behind. 4. Apply to lips using your finger. Don't forget to wash your hands immediately. The lip stain should last about a week if stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator.
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I sort of like this one better than the raspberry lip tint that required them to be freeze-dried. And only 3-5 berries are needed, so I can save the rest of them for a smoothie! ;)
I've been using tarte's lip stain but I think I'll save $20+ with this homemade technique.