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This week I'm really into pastel colors. I guess I'm already excited for all things spring. You can definitely play around with different polish lacquer to suit your mood and outfit. However, pastel color is great for a playful outing or a cute date night. Preparation: Choose four polish color and grab a few Qtips (for the polka dots). Instructions: 1. Paint your nails with desired base coat. 2. Put a few drops of each color onto a small piece of tin foil for easier dipping. 3. Dip the tip of the Qtip on desire color and begin dabbing on your nails. 4. If you get any polish on your fingers, gently remove them with polish remover using a Qtip. 5. Finish up with a top coat!
I have to invest in more pastel colors to get this look. I have too many neutral and glitter polishes.
This makes me want it to be spring already!
I really love the gold nails! I only have gold glitter, I should grab a solid gold soon :)