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It was so much fun to be in a giant group of Disney girls as Sailor Scouts!!! The sheer amount of happiness that day made up for the immense amount of grief making this cosplay gave me.. ( TДT) I had the head bow from my other Snow White cosplay, and purchased the brooch and leotard. Everything else was made by me! I hope to wear this cosplay again in the near future so I can fix the mistakes and make it better! I've included some different shots here taken by the wonderful @yenra! I can't wait to shoot with him again at Katsucon. Who's going? Photo credit: @yenra at
You have such a great face for cosplay :)
Woah. @timeturnerjones I saw the same fanart, but hadn't seen any groups of it yet.
Wow, this is adorable!!! I saw some fan art of sailor princesses a while back, but you guys really bring it to life :)