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Whoa! Look at these jaw droppers! As you may know, sometimes I just can't help but eavesdrop in other people's conversations, especially busy chatter between women in cafes and supermarkets, I was rocked to hear that they were arguing over age of an heirloom diamond. So here I am researching it and these were the best heirloom diamond engagement rings I could come up with while I'm waiting for my kids temperature hot chocolate. Is not the pink absolutely divine?! If you've got some serious cash, then head over to MDC Diamonds in New York. They've got tons to make your mouth water. Pricing is as follows: Pic 1 and 2 $3119.00 Model: ES253ACPG Pic 3 $2494.00 Model: ES360 Pic 4 and 5 $2750.00 Model: ES243RA
Hi @NixonWoman. These rings are vintage inspired. Customized. So glad you liked and clipped. I noticed you're into vintage also!
Are these rings "heirloom" inspired? Are these vintage, estate, or antique? Pricing seems way off to be authentic heirlooms. @marshalledgar