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First off, let me say that I really like Steve Bruce both as a persona and a manager. He's all around a really likable and great guy. Having said all of that, I feel his time at Hull City is up. Yes, Hull have been without a slew of players due to injury which include Diame, Bruce, Chester, Hernandez, Jelavic, and Snograss among others to be fair to the man, but 2 wins in their last 15 games is not only relegation form, but one that would explain a sacking. Where Bruce would go from here is an unknown, probably not Newcastle as the club is probably not a good fit for the man, but Hull fans should still look upon him fondly. Hull City, 3 years ago, were not particularly a favoured team to win promotion. 9 months later they were watching Watford lose to Leeds in order to secure the 2nd trip in club history to the top flight. The fans would be right to praise his work, and a fully fit squad at Hull can stay up. The problem is they will lose too many points until they get fit and have done so already. A new manager has usually proven a good, quick fix these days and certainly Hull would benefit from one. Either way, I do not expect Steve Bruce in the seat come next Premier League fixture in 2 weeks time.
@CitySarajevo I would argue that if they are to do it has to be like today. Putting a new manager in place can take a week and then they have 1 week to buy what they need. If they haven't talked to any candidates yet regardless of sacking Bruce or not then they might as well not even bother.
He's still there. Is now even the best time?