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If you're feeling low-energy try out this long, deep breath right into your belly for an instant pick-me-up! Here's what you do: 1. Start off slowly and only try for a few seconds at a time to get used to this exercise. 2. Sit comfortably in a chair with a straight but relaxed spine. 3. Breathe in and out of your nose quickly as if you are pumping air into the tire of a bicycle. 4. Continue this for 15-30 seconds
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@nokcha when she stuck her tongue out was when I lost it!
Yeah definitely not doing this in a public place...
I just try to do really big deep breaths every once in a while to wake me back up
My coworker and I tried this over morning coffee and it really woke us up only because it made us laugh so hard!
It's really funny but it actually works haha